Eden is an intermediate project which combines geometric shapes with the drape & suppleness of Herringbone Stitch, this is a multi adaptable necklace.

The class will cover geometric techniques, Herringbone & bezelling Swarovski rivolis which can be added to create a stunning evening statement.

The individual elements can also be made into a single pendant, or a lighter version of the piece, the choices are endless.

This is an intermediate project which uses peyote and Herringbone Stitches along with some size 15 seed beads.

Stephanie Burnham

Stephanie Burnham is a jewellery designer and tutor with over 20 years experience.

Colour, texture and the beads themselves are what drive the creative elements of her work.

Having taught extensively in the UK, Europe and Japan, Stephanie has also written several books on jewellery making, worked on live TV and produced several “how to” video’s.

You can see more of her work at www.stephanieburnhamdesigns.com