Sheba is the name of a legendary Queen who travelled with immense treasures, and is also the Sesotho word for 'look' so these ornate & intricate beaded components, based on eye motifs could only be called one thing… Sheba.

This advanced class unites Peyote Stitch & geometric beading techniques with Swarovski pearls & small seed beads (size 15s) to create some unique beaded, and reversible, components which can be combined to result in incredible finished pieces of jewellery.

Whether you want to make earrings & pendants, or a full ornate necklace, this class will cover all the skills & knowledge you need to bead your own treasures.

Jean Power

Jean Power is a multi award-winning jewellery designer whose work in beads is inspired by geometry, form, colour and the beads themselves.

World-renowned for bringing a unique modern twist to this ancient art-form, Jean is the author of multiple books on beading & jewellery-making and travels extensively teaching her unique designs. You can see more of her work on her website at